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Welcome to Easy Destress, where you'll find easy, natural ways to incorporate managing stress into your life. The philosophy of Easy Destress is that natural is best, and prevention is better than cure. If that's your philosophy too, then you're in the right place. Just add one process at a time, and use it for 21 days before you add the next. Try it for yourself, but give it a good try.

Who is the best person to know what's best for you? You, of course. Yet sometimes we need to lean on others a little, or at times a lot.

Here at Easy Destress we offer ways to lean on something in just the right way. It might be an Easy Destress process (and that's highly recommended), or a relaxation therapy, or at times natural supplements: whatever way you choose to live a happier, healthier, more satisfied and fulfilled life. When you open up you can bring your unique gift to the world.

As a friend said: Only you can do it, but you can't do it alone. To illustrate, I offer you a story:

How to cook a frog: not by dropping it into boiling water, it would jump away.
Put it into cool water and turn up the heat.
The heat changes gradually, and the frog gets caught.

In the same way, your problems grow so slowly you aren't properly aware of them, and somebody else can see what you can't.

Lifestyle change creates resistance at first, like a dam, and then breaks and energy flows abundantly. When you use Easy Destress ways, that resistance dissolves, effectively turning the frog story back on itself by easing problems before they build up. It becomes like a river flowing over a rock that seems in the way, eroding it until it's gone. That's prevention rather than cure.

In life there is always room for growth. Choose and accept growth all your life. Embrace it with confidence that you can cope with anything life throws at you. Use Easy Destress methods to thrive rather than just cope, and suddenly life is joyful again. Then again, to be perfectly human is to be very imperfect and fallible! We at Easy Destress encourage you to ease up on yourself and, rather amazingly, more and better is achieved! Be like grass: trampled on, cut down regularly, scorched, flooded, frozen, and snowed on, but it carries on growing regardless.

To succeed at living, you only have to be born, live a while, and die. Life can be much more than this: what hopes and dreams do you want to realise? Yet sometimes the first step must be a small one, and simply to destress is perhaps all you can manage at first. We would encourage you by similar small steps to go beyond your inner limitations.

Don't stop at just a destress approach, go beyond that and go for broke - aiming to live life to the full and realising the dreams you buried so deep they were forgotten. Here's a hint: don't do it alone, get a friend to join you, or get a group at work to adopt the 'live life to the full, naturally' approach, and make your department the happiest place to be. You might join the group that have adopted a 'no complaining, no gossiping' lifestyle. Have faith that a little goes a long way, and keep up with whatever you start - like the grass, just keep on growing in the right direction with the help of Easy Destress.

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