How to Cook a Frog

Please be reassured that no frogs were hurt as a result of this item on How to Cook a Frog, as it's just a metaphor!

So, to cook a frog, you don't try to drop it into boiling water, it would jump away. Instead you put it into cool water and then put the heat on underneath. The frog will adjust to the temperature again and again, until it's too late to get out, and that's how to cook a frog. So why should that interest you?

Well, the truth is our uncomfortable situations have grown up on us slowly like that heat, and we don't notice how bad it is. Sometimes someone else will say something, and it brings it to your attention, but generally we get comfortable in our suffering and can't imagine that we could have a life without it. So relax your reactions when someone tells you something about yourself. Maybe it was you subtly speaking to yourself via someone else's conversation. Also, letting go has to be done by you, but it may not be easy, or even possible, to do on your own - so get help!

If you can, take a step back and look at your life objectively. Is the pain and discomfort that's there something you're just accustomed to? Could anyone else live with that particular discomfort or would they have to take action to end it? How well do you stand up for yourself in that particular situation? When you begin to really see it for what it is, you can work out how to cook that frog in your life and set yourself free.

There are two ways between A and B, one is to take the bus or train, the other is to take a cab! How fast you go is up to you - use a registered therapist, or buy an appropriate hypnosis CD or book.

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