Cures for Insomnia

Insomnia robs you of your energy. Yet there are cures for insomnia that you can do yourself, and easily adopt them one by one to make your whole life more chilled out so that you are ready for a good night's sleep even if it's only for a short time. You may have difficulty getting to sleep, wake up in the middle of the night and not get back to sleep, or sleep restlessly and wake up un-refreshed. A short, good sleep may well be enough depending on your lifestyle. As sleeplessness affects about one third of people, you or someone close to you are likely to experience sleeplessness at some time in your life. Sometimes you just need to choose a better pillow.

Using your cures for insomnia, you can take control back. In your bag of tools of ways to relieve stress, cures for insomnia must be one of the most useful for you and those you love. When you have slept badly, and it wasn't because you've been out having too much fun too late in the night, you will be glad to have some cures for insomnia.

  1. How high is your caffeine intake? It's not rocket science to work out that the later in the day you are drinking drinks which contain caffeine the more likely it is to interfere with your sleep pattern. Choose a cut-off time before bedtime when you will start having decaffeinated drinks instead. You might choose as early at 2.00 pm, or 1400 hours, or you might prefer to take it slowly and start at 5.00 pm/1700 hours. The next choice to take is to move that cut-off time back by the hour, until you've trained yourself to do without it. Kundalini Yoga breath-of-fire is a good substitute for caffeine, as it gets oxygen to your brain.
  2. Are you relaxed? Relaxation techniques followed routinely is one of the cures for insomnia. It makes life easier and more fun to incorporate simple relaxation techniques one by one into your day. In particular, deep breathing as part of your resting routine. Try it and see.
  3. What's on your mind? Problem solving can be simply a process you apply, and once you have it you tend to do it automatically. Many people will need cures for insomnia because they have a problem that won't go away.
  4. Gentle exercise. If you don't exercise, then find some exercise that you can enjoy and do it. The emphasis here is on gentle, because the aim is to wind down at the end of the day.
  5. What programmes do you watch on TV? Particularly before bedtime, but it could be any time. It's now so easy to watch your shows when you choose, such as earlier in the day, that you can arrange to watch either little TV at all, or only those which keep you calmer before bed.
  6. Keep the bedroom as a place of calm and relaxation only. This may include the decoration. Read in other places at other times, and keep your books out of the bedroom. It can become automatic that you start to relax and wind down for sleep every time you enter the room. And do you need a new bed?
  7. Deal with your procrastination. Every task you avoid is robbing you of relaxation. [In fact, it's a great cure for constipation to get jobs done and off your mind: try de-cluttering].

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