Nutritional Supplements:
Food for the Brain

How are you feeling today? How you feel is likely to be directly connected to what food and drink you ingest. Your body is your only home for this lifetime, and it will respond well to good treatment. One of these ways is to make sure that you get adequate nutrition, another is exercise, but I'll talk about that another time. Studies have shown that children's abilities at school improve with nutritional supplements ; they were literally found to be food for the brain. Now most people want the best for their children, and so they will probably make sure that they have the nutrition they need.

It's similar with animals, these days there are so many 'complete' foods to choose from for your pets and animals that you care for (if you were a farmer, optimum nutrition is an important factor in your profits. Sub-standard goods won't achieve such a high price at market.) I've heard it said of a man who owned a stables: "See his horses, they're in fantastic shape, but look at him, he's a MESS."

One way is to learn about foods and their nutritional value. It's great to learn how to prepare good, simple foods of the highest quality. In the West we are highly likely to be overweight or even obese [your heart has to pump your blood another mile for every 1 lb overweight that you are], so it's better to eat less food and eat good quality food. Choose Free Range food if you're a carnivore, it's caring for the animals and for your digestive system, and organic as well for vegetables and meat/fish products.

Fast, good food is possible and it can be fun. Teach your children the same, and you'll set them up for a healthy life. Now you are probably an adult, and responsible for yourself. That's a fact we can resist, and yet if a parent tells us something, we feel we're being nagged and resist being told - we can be so contrary!

Another alternative is to get nutritional supplements as food for your brain and for your life. Health is about living life to the full, not waiting until you've had a diagnosis of illness. Why wait until you're ill? It's got to be more fun and easier by far to implement good nutrition into your lifestyle. Use your ability to think to get a better life for yourself and those you love. So love your loved ones enough to let them off the task of nagging you to look after yourself, and get nutritional supplements to give you food for the brain.