Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination is a wonderful way to reduce stress. Time is money, its value is immeasurable. You only have right NOW to do anything. There may well be some tasks you get on with willingly, and others that regularly get put off.

Here are two styles of thinking for overcoming procrastination: Firstly, that you do any task as soon as you are aware that it needs doing. Secondly, you choose to allocate your time to get those harder tasks done. Routine is boring, isn't it? Well, maybe it's actually a means to set you free: it's just your choice how you look at it. Biting the bullet of overcoming procrastination gives you a fantastic sense of achievement that resting on your laurels never will.

Overcoming procrastination - Tip 1: Those of you who get on with any task immediately, what are you doing reading this page? For the rest of us, there's choices in allocation of time. Choose the time that's of highest energy for you to tackle those tasks which get left undone, for maybe short periods of thirty minutes to one hour. Make yourself smile as you do it, and even laugh either in your mind or out loud, because your body doesn't know if you're faking it or smiling for real and it makes you happier. Add in several momentary three-deep-breaths chill-outs, as in ways to relieve stress, and really enjoy the achievement of whatever you've done in the time. When your energy is lower, select the tasks which are easier to do. After food is often described as the 'graveyard slot', but if you ride those times with easier jobs, and when your energy is back up get on with the more difficult ones, everything gets done in a balanced way.

Overcoming procrastination - Tip 2: In your bag of tools for overcoming procrastination, take a moment to plan the physical activities which your day is divided into, and do them all together. You may have to deal with emails and/or the internet, set aside one or two times to do this. You may have to make phone calls, again choose an appropriate time according to your resistance levels. This helps you to get into a rhythm. Allow extra time for unexpected interruptions. Even if it's peeling potatoes, peel them first, then check them and cut them up second. Smile as you do any job at all.

Overcoming Procrastination - Tip 3: Focus of attention: let your focus be settled on what you do. If there are other jobs to do, they will not get done in this moment. Bring your mind back into your body and love what you do.

Another approach to overcoming procrastination is to get help, especially with someone who loves to do that sort of work - even a hobby is work at some level. Don't forget that 'If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing badly', (G K Chesterton), so go on and give any task a try. What was once difficult is soon easier.

Finally on your journey to overcoming procrastination, exchange perfectionism for passion, and let yourself delegate tasks for which you haven't the heart. Let them do it anyhow, you've got more fun things to do with your time, haven't you? Perfectionism is the road to low self esteem, just do your best, enjoy it, and be gentle with yourself.

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