Motivation for Safer Driving

You decide to set motivation for safer driving as your goal. So, you're driving along, stuck in a traffic jam, the traffic in the next lane is going faster than your lane, but you know that further up, that lane has to turn off in a set direction, so you don't jump lanes. A snail would beat you, you're going so slowly! Then you come to the traffic lights and find that road-works are blocking the OTHER lane, and all the cars in that lane were getting in before you, and that snail beat you to the traffic lights!

So, as you have your motivation for safer driving, what can you do? Well, in order to be bored, you have to filter out loads of stimuli around you. Use your senses, what can you see, hear, feel, smell? What's the weather like? Is there a good view around? In your quest for safer driving, you determine to stay calm no matter what. You use breathing and relaxation techniques. You look out at any focal point, and then relax your eyesight to peripheral vision and feel connected to things and people around you. Don't take yourself into hypnosis now! Adding stress to the situation does not help.

It was once said the place for drama is on stage. Remain calm and keep breathing deeply Behave as if it's a film and the delay is staged and will come to an end as soon as this scene is done. Keep breathing calmly and noticing what is going on around you. Nothing you can do will make it go any quicker, and instead of driving frazzled and arriving tired and stressed, just keep your cool. Can you phone ahead (using your blue tooth of course) and warn someone you'll be late. Staying cool, calm, and collected is vital in your motivation for safer driving. Don't slip into thinking of the past, the future, or being elsewhere, that's giving your power away to the traffic jam. You are on a motivation for safer driving initiative. Keep yourself and your breathing calm to bring your attention back to when and where you are. You will remain in your power.